Hi, welcome to our site! We believe that natural resources are the best way of healing our sickness in our daily lives. By replacing your doctor medicines using the alternative natural remedies that could be twice the benefit could give a positive effect on our body. Check out our product.

Our Story

Natural utilises only the finest natural and organic raw materials wherever possible. Natural has one goal and that is to provide products that are made only from Organic and or Natural ingredients. We only offer items that we use ourselves.

Wherever an organic ingredient cannot be sourced a sustainable natural alternative is used.

Here at Natural we’ve always been passionately against animal testing. We’ve never tested our products on animals. This means you can be sure that our products have not been tested on animals for cosmetic reasons. All of our products are extensively tested by staff, family, friends and selected members of the public before being made available for sale. If they don’t meet our high standards they aren’t offered.

Natural utilise these natural ingredients, in the development of a functional range of hair, body and oral care products that are both skin and environmentally friendly.

We make our products with love and care. We support community far trade. We seek small scale farmer that are expert in their fields. Many coconut oil producers are just producers and don’t grow their coconuts. Our virgin coconut oil is made at a farm in the Malaysia that grows it’s own coconuts and then also makes the oil and this has a number of benefits. The land that is used for their farm is owned by the farmers and controlled by them. It is certified organic and they have total control over this and don’t have to rely on purchasing coconuts from other farmers.

We are proud to say that Natural virgin coconut oil skin care range is certified organic.  This guarantees that your purchase is free from synthetic chemicals, sulphates and ammonia, which can harm your family and the environment.

Natural ensure that only quality products get handed over to our end consumers


All products are loved and used by the family (and tested on them, not animals!).

We’re passionate about natural health and wellbeing, and are actively engaged in research and development to continually enhance our products.


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